Nov 22, 2008

Steve Gaynor

Name: Steve Gaynor

Title: Designer

Fullbright, a design blog:
FEAR: Perseus Mandate, TimeGate Studios
BioShock 2 (upcoming,) 2K Marin

Why am I an industry rock star? It's safe to say that I'm not, but I believe that having an obnoxious file photo like the above is an important first step towards industry infamy.

How I got into game design: After I finished my Sculpture degree, I went into QA since I knew I wanted to get into the games industry but had no marketable skills. After hours I was making FEAR maps using the free level editing tools that had been released. I entered my maps into some contests and eventually moved to Texas to work on an expansion for FEAR. After shipping it I met some 2K folks at GDC and moved back to San Francisco to work on BioShock 2... and here I am!