Nov 30, 2008


Name: Del

Job Title: Games Designer

Company: Gusto Games Ltd.
Projects: UTour (PC)
Global Play Golf (Simulator system)
Several unannounced titles in development (not all of them GOLF!!)

Why I Am A Game Industry Rockstar: I love my job! I spent many years getting ready for a Games Design position and now that I've got one, I wallow in it like Keith Richards in a lipstick-lesbian-run cocaine factory. I'm only just getting into my flow right now and it's wonderful to have people coming up to you and knowing that they look to you for design decisions. It's a lot of work, A LOT OF WORK, but how else do you expect dreams to turn out? I'm a electrical engineeing graduate who gave it all up for a chance at the big time. I've worked through a Masters in Computer Game Technology (what sort of a postgrad is that?!!) and 3 years in Sony QA, hitting up some heavy parties and working on some huge games as both Tester and Lead). I've put in the hard work and now I'm putting in the fun work. RAWK!!
Plus, i've got hella good hair. ;)