Oct 19, 2008


What is this site?
This is intended to be a place where gamers can see the real, live people behind the games they love. It's populated entirely by submissions from video game professionals and their friends. My name is Leigh Alexander, Sexy Videogameland blogger and industry journalist, and right now I'm the only one running this site as an experimental effort, but I hope it grows, solidifies, and can transition into a community effort.

Why does this site exist?
Just for silly fun, really. But the underlying message here is the fact that the creation of games tends often to be credited to faceless corporate entities, when in fact there's a rich culture of people behind them. We seem to have a little bit of a recognition problem in the industry, where very accomplished people go unsung, but starting a little corner where everyone is a star is supposed to be a fun way to rectify that, even a little.

Who can be posted here?
Just about anyone who is legitimately involved in the creation of games. Producers, designers, programmers, testers et al. Artists and musicians too! The only requirement is that you need to have worked on one shipped title, where "shipped" can also mean you published it online. Indies absolutely welcome, and please provide a link to your game.

How do I become a Sexy Videogame Developerland star?
Send the following info to sexyvideogamedeveloperland at gmail dot com:

Picture: Attach a real, live picture of yourself or the individual you're nominating. If there is a really, really compelling reason why you can't show your face, let me know.
Name. This can be first and last, or just first, or just a nickname/alias.
Job Title: This can be your literal title -- "Multiplayer Designer," for example -- or something funny/personal that you use to refer to yourself.
Company: Where you're currently employed -- wholly optional. You can leave it out completely if you prefer. If you like, you can list your past employers, too.
Projects: A few of the titles you've worked on. I need at least one -- otherwise anyone could just send in their pic and pretend to be in development, but if you are going after a little bit of anonymity, you don't have to include your whole list. "Unannounced" or "Top Secret" is okay too.
Why I Am A Game Industry Rockstar: Don't take yourself too seriously. Just describe what makes you awesome and have fun with it. These blurbs need to be brief, say 500 words max. Also, we're not all altar boys and girls or anything, and I want everyone to be themselves -- but please keep it tasteful.
One Thing You Don't Know About My Game: It can be anything, but pick a little-known fact about your project (obviously, we're not expecting proprietary production secrets here!) that is personal to you.

Please note that all submissions need to come complete via email. Don't send me links. I am not gonna be nicking pictures or text off anyone's Facebook, blog or any other website -- even if you tell me to.

I want to make my boss/friend/coworker a SVGDL star. How do I do it?
Ideally, you should ask them first. But if your goal is to surprise them -- and you are certain they wouldn't be upset with you -- submit a profile on their behalf, and include your name or alias for a "Submitted By" footnote.

Help! My friend or coworker submitted my bio as a joke, and I don't want it here.
The only reason I accept "nominations" from people submitting the bios of colleages or pals is because some people are probably too shy or too humble to promote themselves on their own, but if someone submits you and you totally hate the idea, absolutely anything on this site can be taken down or edited at the subject's request. Just email me.

Why can't I comment?
I don't want to create the possibility for this site to become a rumor mill or a space wherein rivals can slag off on each other. And while it would be awesome if gamers could leave nice notes to the folks whose work they recognize, I don't want to open the same floodgates to angry fanboys. Everyone deserves a voice, of course, but that's not what this site is about. I may enable comments at a later date if I have assistance in strictly moderating them.

Can I add or change something in my bio?
Sure. Email what you want done. Take-downs happen immediately, changes might take a couple days.

You are a journalist, aren't you? Isn't corresponding with developers a conflict of interest?
This is an understandable concern, but no. I already have a fair number of friends and friendly acquaintances who work in game development, and they know I wouldn't hesitate to criticize their product or write negatively about their employer if it were truthful. People who are professionals understand that my job is my job.

Publishing a submission here will never prompt special treatment of anyone by me, ever. Seeing someone's face on this site does not mean I am "connected" to them or hold them in higher regard than those who decline to participate. In most cases, I don't even know them. Conversely, the fact that you submitted something to this site does not mean that I now consider you a news source -- in other words, I'm building a fun resource, not angling to be "close" to the industry in an inappropriate way.

The overall purpose of this site is to show the readership of my own blog, Sexy Videogameland, and hopefully gamers in general, a side of the industry they may not have seen before -- which, from my perspective, is an adequate goal as a member of the games press.

Wanting to recognize and embrace the industry's human side does not exclude criticisms of the games, the business and its people when necessary. One can do both.

Nonetheless, if this little site takes off, I plan to hand it over to a willing and able moderator, both for my own sanity and to avoid even the appearance of conflict-of-interest concerns. Ultimately my goal is to let it be its own thing, not "my" thing. I have already had some kind offers from possible volunteer moderators -- contact me personally at leighalexander1 at gmail dot com if you're interested.

Want to find out if your colleague, favorite game or studio is here? Use Blogger's search bar in the upper left corner to cruise for names, companies, projects or keywords.

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