Nov 30, 2008

Dan Paladin

Name: dan paladin

Job Title: art sultan

the behemoth

Projects: alien hominid, castle crashers

Why I am a game industry rockstar:
i'm pretty great. well.. i'm just being modest when i say that. i am really really great. just like kanye west! you see, when people look back on history they will skim right over abraham lincoln or thomas edison and go straight to kanye west or dan paladin. i make history. it's just that simple. basically, if you take a million people and then add me i will automatically shine so much with sexiness that you won't even notice there are a million people hanging around. it's not that other people can't be sexy or anything.. anyway, i'm pretty surprised there aren't all that many statues of me yet but i figure it is because it takes a long time to get these features just right.