Nov 20, 2008

Patrick Dugan

Name: Patrick Dugan

Job Title: Game Designer

Company: Sabarasa Entertainment

Projects: Play With Fire, Pipe World, CuttleCandy, Jackie, Fraid, Loot (canceled), misc. prototypes for DS and WiiWare (in progress).

After trying to hack it in my Mom's basement I decided to get as far out of the matrix as possible and go to Buenos Aires, where I work for a studio doing prototypes and helping out with projects when needed. I'm working on some pretty bold designs right now - a strategy game that's like Starcraft meets Puzzle Quest meets Tarot, a game about romantic relationships, a game about the systematic soul-smothering of the school system. I'm hoping to make some happen for WiiWare and/or DS in the "near future".

For more detail on what I'm about, read my blog King Lud IC, some of my critiques on Play This Thing, play some of my stuff, and check out my speech at EVA '08 - "Design is Cheap" when it becomes available on Google video.