Nov 21, 2008

Clayton Hughes

Name: Clayton Hughes

Job Title: Audio/Software Support Engineer

Company: Nintendo of America

Projects: Developer Tools/Libraries/Conferences

Why I Am A Game Industry Rockstar: I omit the subject of a sentence as often as possible. This works best when it's subconscious. I refuse to sit in any one seat during recurring meetings, because I'm too cool to stay pinned down. Let's pretend this sentence is something pretentious about materialism or comfort or society (the truth of the matter is that there's nowhere for me to sit). I've instituted a very strict policy of "ice cream time" at work, which occurs exactly 30 minutes before a weekly meeting. We drum up a small posse and trek across two buildings and a sky bridge to the ice cream vending machine in the complete opposite corner of everything from our department. My wedding included Guitar Hero (oh, if Rock Band would have been available!) and pirate outfits.