Dec 29, 2008

Stephan Carmigiani

Name. Steff Carmignani

Job Title: Level Designer

Company: Eidos

Projects: Rainbow 6 Vegas, Splinter Cell, etc etc. Currently working on Deus Ex 3.

Why I Am A Game Industry Rockstar: I'm very short tempered, impolite, enjoy the "crunch time periods madness" more than anybody else on the prod., and deeply in love with video games.
NOTE: I'm not always angry and yelling at people...that was just for the picture I swear...

Sean Davies

Name: Sean Davies

Job Title: Rabid Code Ape / Cat Herder

Company: Sumo Digital Ltd

Projects: Outrun 2 Coast To Coast, Virtua Tennis 3, Sega Superstars Tennis, Superman: Shadow of Apokolips, MIB: Crashdown

Why I am a Games industry Rockstar: Pah, Sean hate workshy "Rockstar". What rockstar know about work 2 80 hour weeks separate only by 10 hour happy booze time? Sean smash puny rockstar, steal rockstar boozes, pleasure rockstar womenfolks and still be in office for 9 for FINISH THE GAME!!!

Dec 2, 2008

Pascal Bélanger

Name. Pascal Bélanger

Job Title: Lead Assistant Quality Control Tester

Company: Ubisoft Montreal

Projects: Assassin's Creed, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Far Cry 2

Why I Am A Game Industry Rockstar: Because I play guitar, obviously. ;P No, seriously... Because I do one of the most looked down on -- and at the same time, one of the most important -- jobs of the industry. Good testers never really play the game until the job is finished. It's true that a part of the job can be performed by people not necessarily knowing what they do. But a big part of the job is done by people who do know what the industry is all about. People who can understand the way a game is done and what problems may emerge during its creation. People who can identify and explain in a clear way the, often out of this world, issues they observe. Finally, whatever great innovation or intentions the creators have, if the game is full of bugs, it's going to be rejected by the community. I intend to eventually become part of the production world, as a game writer if possible, but the lack of such position makes it hard to achieve.