Nov 20, 2008

Kevin Shortt

Name: Kevin Shortt

Job Title: Scriptwriter, story designer, and so on...

Company: Ubisoft Montreal

Projects: Lost - Via Domus, Far Cry 2, and my perpetual favourite, "Unannounced"

Why I Am A Game Industry Rockstar: Because I take myself way too seriously, I think every new innovation sucks, I hate every game story I've ever played (reserving a special circle of Hell for my own), I work hard to make my real self look like my 360 avatar (handlebar mustache here we come!), and I sleep with a stuffed Portal cube.

One thing you don’t know about my game: For Far Cry 2, I wrote a fictional blog from the perspective of one of the NPCs, Reuben Oluwagembi. It was launched months before the game’s release (way back in May) and followed the course of events leading up to the player’s arrival in the world. All done in real time, it served as a nice way to provide hungry fans with more details about the conflict they were heading into. You can find it here: